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Canada to pay $300 million for a timber plantation that was once home to a Canadian national anthem

September 25, 2021 Comments Off on Canada to pay $300 million for a timber plantation that was once home to a Canadian national anthem By admin

A former cabinet minister says Canada is paying a hefty sum to purchase a forest that was used by the country’s first national anthem, which has been played at Canada’s national sports events for more than 150 years.

The purchase of a 1,000-hectare plot of forest near the town of Langford, N.S., for $200 million is part of the Government of Canada’s $1.8-billion “sustainability” initiative.

It will be used to restore the forest and to preserve a nearby creek, the minister, Steven Blaney, said in a statement.

“Canada’s contribution to the world’s largest forest is one that is worth celebrating,” he said.

It is a part of our heritage, and it should not be forgotten.” “

The forest is part and parcel of our history.

It is a part of our heritage, and it should not be forgotten.”

The Langford Forest, located on the north shore of the Strait of Georgia, is one of Canada, and the largest in the world, and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 2017, the government announced that it was looking to acquire another 100 hectares of forest for the future, with plans to make the purchase by 2020.

Blaney’s comments were in response to a query from The Canadian Press about the acquisition of the Langford forest, which is part to a plan to buy land near the New Brunswick town of St. Marys, Que.

In the past, Canada’s indigenous people have used the forest to gather medicinal herbs and medicinal roots.

The Langfords are also home to an Indigenous group called the First Nations of Langfells Falls, and their chief, David MacDonald, has called for the government to make a “tribute” to the people.

The Forest and Country Conservancy, which oversees the forestry industry in Langford and neighbouring communities, has received a $300-million donation from the government for the Langford purchase, Blaney said.

The forest was once a “place of reverence and belonging” for the Indigenous people of Langley and the nearby communities of Stoney Creek and Langford Creek, the federal government said.

Blayington, a former cabinet secretary, said the Forest and Nature Conservancy has received an additional $50 million for the purchase, which will be put towards restoration of the site.

“That’s the nature of a donation,” he told The Canadian News.

“I think we’ve done our best to ensure that we’ve got all of the financial support that we need, including our $300,000 donation.”

The purchase will be “an extraordinary opportunity for Langford to be restored and to be remembered as a place where Canadians can gather and sing their national anthem,” Blaney added.

Which team will win the NBA’s Eastern Conference?

July 20, 2021 Comments Off on Which team will win the NBA’s Eastern Conference? By admin

Posted May 05, 2018 06:38:10A little over a week after the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals, NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke with a reporter for CBSSports.com and spoke to the question of whether or not the Cleveland Cavs have the best chance of winning the conference, in addition to the East and the West.

Silver said the Cavs were a good bet to make the playoffs this season but that they will need to play better this year to do that.

Silver said the Eastern teams have been the best of the East teams but that the West is a different story.

Silver added that the Eastern team will need a lot more talent to make it out of the first round, saying that the teams are all going to be the same in terms of talent.

The Eastern teams also have a lot of talent in the rotation, Silver said.

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