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Which woods are worth the money?

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By Kate WoodardPublished May 13, 2018 12:06AMA brand new house in suburban Sydney is worth $7 million, according to property investors.

Woods Woodhouse is the new house built by Australian builder and woodworker James Woods for his daughter who recently gave birth to their first child.

Wooden furniture was built for the newlyweds in the style of a Victorian cottage in a wooded area of Sydney’s south-west.

The new home was originally intended to be a rental property, but Mr Woods said he was able to raise the money to build it himself.

The property is in Woodend, north of Sydney, which is a residential suburb of Melbourne.

“My wife and I are so excited that we have finally found the right house for us and our family,” Mr Woods told ABC Radio Sydney.

The couple bought the home in March 2018, after Ms Woodard had given birth to her first child, but the baby had not yet been born.

“It was definitely a bit of a shock when she gave birth,” Mr Woodard said.

“When you go to a new birth it’s such a different world.”

I’m looking forward to our children coming home and hopefully getting to see us and the house.

“The couple had been looking at buying a house in Sydney’s outer suburbs but Mr Woodson said they decided to make the move to Woodend because of the amenities it offered.”

There’s so much opportunity for people to live in a very well-managed and beautiful environment and that’s a big part of it,” Mr Woodward said.

The couple live in the property with their children, aged eight and six, who have also been to Wood End before.

Mr Woodson was initially excited about the new home because it was the ideal place for his family.”

We’re a family with five kids and so we’re going to enjoy that and it will be a bit like living in a house and seeing it built,” he said.

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