Which wood shop is haunted?

Which wood shop is haunted?

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A gazey barn and a barn with a giant maple tree are two of the most popular haunts for those who visit a wood shop in the Detroit area.

But this isn’t just about the haunted barn or the haunted wood shop.

It’s also about a story that began on a very different day in 2002 when the owner of the Wood Shop at Detroit Zoo opened a new outdoor space for children.

“The whole idea of the Wildlife Center was that the animals that were going to be in the enclosure were to be with their mothers and fathers and they were to interact with the animals,” says Lori Sorenson, the owner.

“That was the idea of putting in a lot of natural habitat and wildlife.”

That’s when the WildLife Center was born.

Now, Sorensson is still involved with the facility, which she says has evolved into one of the top bird feeders in the area.

“It’s a great place to have kids come out and enjoy,” Sorensons says.

“It’s also a place where the birds are raised and fed.

They’re fed with whole, whole fruit, vegetables and even hay.”

The Wood Shop is not just a great space for kids, but also a great spot for those interested in learning about the birds.

“They’re taught everything from how to hunt, how to catch fish, how they eat and the importance of using the best care they can get,” says Liz Burchill, the zoo’s senior wildlife program manager.

“They’re actually taught about their natural history and they learn to understand how to care for them.”

And even though it’s not the Wild Life Center’s main attraction, it’s still an important part of the zoo.

“We know that our animals need a place to live,” Burchil says.

“A place to grow, to have the freedom to explore and to be able to interact.”

To learn more about the zoo, visit www.wildlifecenter.org.