Aussie wood floor cleaners may be banned in Australia

Aussie wood floor cleaners may be banned in Australia

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Posted October 04, 2018 15:18:17 Aussie carpet cleaners have been accused of using wood chips to clean their floors.

A Queensland Council for the Arts and Tourism (QCAUT) investigation found that around 40 per cent of the 1,200 carpet cleaners in Queensland were using wood products, including flooring chips and chips containing wood.

It found that the wood chips used in floor cleaning and the wood flooring used in the installation process could be potentially toxic and have been linked to the spread of a rare type of wood fungus.QCAut said the investigation revealed “significant risks” for the health of residents living on the floor of their homes.QSA’s chairman, Tim O’Brien, said the report highlighted the importance of building a strong community culture around cleaning and safety.

“These kinds of issues can happen to anyone in our community,” Mr O’Briens said.

“I think what we need to recognise is that people who clean our floors, whether they’re residential, commercial, industrial or anything in between, we need them to be held to a higher standard.”

They have to be treated with care and they have to have the right to have a say in what they’re doing.”‘

I think we should be all-inclusive’A QCAUT spokesman said the council was “all-inclusively” involved in its investigation and was working with local and state governments to improve the community’s health.”

We are working closely with QCAut and the Queensland Government to implement the recommendations and to work with councils across Queensland to strengthen community safety,” the spokesman said.

The council is currently in the process of setting up an online questionnaire that will ask residents about their experiences with carpets, carpets used for floor cleaning, flooring use and carpets and wood.”

People are welcome to fill in the questionnaire to share their experiences, and we are also working with the council to ensure that the data we collect will be used in our ongoing community safety programme,” the QCAIT spokesman said, adding that residents can also share their personal data with QHA and QCAAT.”

What we have found in the QHA community is that the majority of our customers are happy and that we’re all-engaged in the conversation around carpets.”‘

We can’t let it get to our children’A Queensland City Council spokesman said that while carpets were being replaced, many residents continued to be concerned about the safety of their children’s health and wellbeing.”

There’s no doubt that carpets are a part of our lives, and as a community we should embrace the fact that we are all-together living in this world and we’re just as important as carpets,” the spokesperson said.

A QHA spokesman said carpets had become a problem for children in recent years, especially in inner-city areas.”

As we continue to invest in our carpets program, it is important to remember that it’s a very important part of the fabric of our communities,” he said.QHA’s Community Safety Manager, Jocelyn Goulburn, said they were “confident that our carpeting program is making a difference to children’s wellbeing”.”

We work hard to make sure that we work with our partners to provide our clients with the best carpets they need to ensure they have the best safety and wellbeing for their children,” Ms Goulbull said.

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